How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Limo?

What are the factors that affect the price of rent a limo? Let’s find out rent a limo and how to get the best limousine service deal.

Limousines have a long and rich history of providing luxury transportation. They date back to the 18th century when the aristocrats rode in elegant carriages drawn by horses. The first motorized limos appeared in France in 1902. Since then, limos have evolved into various shapes and sizes, from sedans and SUVs to vans and coaches.

People choose limos for many reasons: they are safe, stylish, comfortable, and convenient. Whether you need a ride from the airport, a night out with friends, or a wedding celebration, hiring a limo is the way to go.

And remember, the word limousine can mean different things to different people. It can refer to any vehicle that is driven by a chauffeur for hire, but it can also be a specific type of vehicle, such as a luxury or executive sedan, an SUV, a Mercedes Sprinter Van or Limousine, or even a Luxury Coach.

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How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Limo?

The cost of a limo rental depends on several factors, such as the type of limo, the duration of the service and the number of stops. The prices below are the average rates without any discounts—you can find great deals on our site that’ll let you enjoy a luxury sedan for as low as $20 per hour and a small limo for as low as $50 an hour.

Type of Limo Number of


Cost per Hour
Luxury sedan 3–4 $40–$70 + tip
Small limo 6–8 $60–$80 + tip
Large limo 9–12 $75–$130 + tip
Stretch limo up to 20 $100–$250 + tip
Stretch Hummer up to 20 $100–$300 + tip

Be aware that, on top of tips, you might also incur extra fees, such as service fees, cleaning fees, and the choice of having the bar stocked.

US Limo Rental Prices

The price of a limo rental for a 5-hour night out on the town varies from $270 to $650 depending on the size of the limousine and how many passengers. A small luxury sedan may cost $200 for the night, while a 20-person stretch Hummer will cost $1,100 for 5 hours.

Limo Rental Prices
National Average Cost $420
Minimum Cost $200
Maximum Cost $1,100
Average Range $270 to $650

The chart above displays some expected limo costs, which vary depending on your location. For an accurate estimate, contact limo rental services today for instant pricing.

Limo Cost Per Hour

A limo that seats 6 to 8 people will charge $70 to $120 per hour plus tip, while a large stretch limo that holds up to 20 will charge $100 to $250/hour plus tip. The more-exclusive limo rentals, such as a Vintage Rolls Royce, can easily cost $600 or more per hour.

Most companies have minimum periods that they require for rentals. A high-demand limo service will generally only rent out limos for an hour or less. Renting a limo for seven hours or more can earn you a discount for planning significant events like nights in the town or bachelor and bachelorette parties.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Limo For A Day?

The price to rent a limo for a day ranges from $280 for a small 8-passenger limo to $480 for a large limo that seats up to 16. To rent a stretch limo that seats 20 for the day, you can expect to pay between $500 and $1,250. With a minimum rental period of 4 hours, the cost of a limo rental will also vary depending on whether you book it in the evening or daytime, with evening bookings costing more due to higher demand.

The cheapest times to rent a limo are typically on weekday afternoons, especially on days that aren’t close to national holidays. Most limousine rental services offer around $125 per hour to book a stretch Hummer for at least four hours before 5:00 p.m. Then, after 5:00 p.m., you need to rent it for at least five hours and pay around $625.

You can change your itinerary to get a cheaper limo rental by planning trips to a day spa to begin a bachelorette party or to a park for anniversaries or birthdays. Ask your limo service about their pricing plans for different times and occasions.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Limo For A Night?

The price to rent a limo for a night varies from $270 for an 8-passenger limo to $950 for a limo that seats up to 20 passengers. Companies may raise their minimum hours per booking on Friday and Saturday nights to 5 due to higher demand. The hourly rate also rises on those days. It’s common to see prices of $90 per hour for limo rentals during the week and $120 per hour during weekends.

When the demand for limos grows, you will also have to pay more to rent a limo. Certain nights of the week are more crowded than others. That’s why you generally expect to pay less during the week and more on the weekends. Limo rentals are popular for transportation to concerts, weddings, proms or sporting events, so plan ahead and expect to pay a little more during these times of the year.

Limo Party Bus Rentals

The average cost of limo party bus rentals ranges from $460 to $890. A 10-passenger party bus rental will charge $125 per hour with a 4-hour minimum, while a 20-passenger party bus will charge $150 to $200 per hour.

Average Cost of Limo Rental For Wedding

The average cost of hiring a limo for a wedding is $500 to $1,100. You can expect to pay around $1,200 for a wedding shuttle-bus package. Some full-service limo companies include bonus features for your wedding day. You can get a white stretch limousine, complimentary champagne, and specially decorated interiors.

  • Ask your limo service what kind of all-inclusive wedding packages they provide.
  • The industry standard of tipping limo drivers for weddings is 15 to 20 per cent. However, check with your limo-service company in advance to see if they already add a tip for a driver to your total bill.
  • Wedding planners advise reserving 2 per cent of your total wedding expenses for your wedding transportation. That includes your limo rental and any vehicle you offer out-of-town guests.
  • Reserve your wedding limo at least three months in advance to avoid extra charges due to the high demand during the wedding season.

Limo Prices For Prom

The typical prom limo prices vary from $270 to $400. It’s a great deal considering that such a package also offers you little extras like non-alcoholic drinks and glasses, pick-up from multiple locations, drop-off at your prom venue, and pick-up afterwards.

Frequently asked questions

How much should I tip the limo driver?

According to most transportation service professionals, you should tip your limo driver between 10 and 20 percent of the total bill. It’s customary to tip an extra $2 to $5 per bag for airport-related trips. Since limo drivers sometimes work very hard to accommodate many people in challenging situations, please give them some gratuity when they put forth extra effort to make your experience memorable.

Most people need to learn that limousine drivers get fixed hourly rates that are not much higher than minimum wage in most places. In some states, companies expect limo drivers to get tips, so the business may even pay them below minimum wage.

How much does it cost to rent a limo for hours?

  • The average price to rent a limo for 4 hours is between $280 and $600 at an average rate of $70 to $150 per hour. To rent a stretch limousine that fits up to 20 passengers for 4 hours will cost $400 to $1,000.
  • Renting a small limo that seats 8 passengers for 5 hours will cost between $350 to $600 plus tip. To rent a stretch Hummer or limo party bus for 5 hours will cost $750 to $1,500.
  • The average cost to rent a 10-passenger limo for 6 hours is between $540 and $900 per night. If you only need a 4-passenger luxury sedan, rates for a 6-hour rental will cost $300 to $480.

Do Limo Rentals Provide A Fully Stocked Bar?

While booking, ask your limousine company if they have a fully stocked bar. They may give complimentary drinks as part of their rental package. Otherwise, they may only have the refrigerator and expect you to bring drinks to fill it with.

No limousine rental company wants to bear the responsibility for you or any of your guests behaving irresponsibly. For these reasons, underage drinking, drug use, and smoking are all banned activities by most limousine companies.

However, drivers are happy to accommodate cigarette smokers of the appropriate age by stopping somewhere to let them smoke outside the vehicle.

How dark is the limo’s tint?

Most limousines have a window-tint rating of 5 percent, meaning that only 5 percent of the outside light can pass through it. The other benefits of this extra-dark tint are that these windows will reject 65 percent of the outdoor heat and up to 99.9 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. That’s why not only is it easier to stay cool inside the limo, but it’s impossible to get sunburned.

However, the laws in most states only allow limo-tinted windows in the back and rear of the vehicle because your driver needs to have perfect visibility for safety reasons.

What is there to do inside a limo?

You have lots of options for fun things to do during your limo ride:

  • Enjoy your drinks. If you are legally old enough to drink alcohol, then you can spoil yourself with the stocked minibar in the back with your friends.
  •  Play your favourite video games or watch movies. Ask your limo service if they can set up an Xbox or PlayStation in the back for your entertainment. Many limo fleets these days have HDTVs and surround-sound speakers to create a perfect gaming experience.
  • Listen to great music. Your chauffeur can help you play any of your music from your own media devices. Alternatively, tell them what kind of music you like so that they can find it for you on satellite radio.
  • Relax. With all the extra space for lounging inside the limo, you can stretch out comfortably and nap if your busy ceremony or a big party of the year has just finished.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Limo?

If you’re still wondering how much it costs to rent a limo, keep a few things in mind. Pre-arranged services are often a great deal and can be split among friends. Your hourly rates will vary based on your location, vehicle, date and length of rental. Be aware of all charges when you receive your final bill.

Overall you will find renting a limo to be a great experience. Not only is it a fun and relaxing way to travel, but riding with a chauffeur is safer than drinking and driving. We urge you to choose an experienced, properly licensed and insured limousine service.

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